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How to Do a Proper Pullup

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  • A pullup is a multijoint bodyweight exercise that targets major muscle groups in your upper body. As the name implies, it involves pulling your entire body up while you're hanging from a fixed bar using an overhand grip, and then lowering your body back
  • Pullups fall under closed kinetic chain exercises, along with back squats and pushups. These are workouts wherein one part of the body involved in the exercise, usually the hands or feet, is fixed to something solid like the ground or a bar
  • Doing pullups regularly helps build muscle mass in your back, abdomen, shoulders, chest and arms, ultimately increasing your upper body strength
  • There are many different ways to perform pullups. Each type works on different kinds of muscles and can vary in difficulty

Pullups are some of the most basic and straightforward exercises, yet many would agree that they're far from the easiest. They're used in gym classes and even Army training to evaluate fitness, and for good reason. In order to perform pullups properly, you must have both mental and physical strength.

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