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9 Body Hacks to Naturally Increase Testosterone

9 Body Hacks to Naturally Increase Testosterone

Testosterone levels start declining around age 30, but you can boost your levels naturally with these simple tricks.

How to Do Squats: 8 Reasons to Do Squat Exercises

Squats: 8 Reasons to Do This Misunderstood Exercise news

This exercise has been criticized for years, but if you do it correctly, it can be one of the best exercises ever. It can help you burn off calories faster, build whole body muscle, and help pump waste out of your body, too.

5 Benefits of Doing Plank Exercise

5 Benefits of Doing Planks

This deceptively simple exercise strengthens and lengthens your muscles while boosting your overall fitness.

Study: The Best Sit-Up of All Time Is Still a Crunch

Ab Workout

Good news for crunch fans: it turns out the traditional crunch may offer the best abdominal workout of all.

How to Get Rid of Love Handles With These 10-Minute Workouts

Love Handle Workout

Repeat this 10-minute workout just three times a week to strengthen and target your obliques - the muscles hiding under your “love handles.”

The Major Exercise Mistake I Made for Over 30 Years...

The Major Exercise Mistake I Made for Over 30 Years...

This is the exercise mistake most everyone makes - including me, for 30 years. Then I discovered the secret to getting a better workout while saving 2 or 3 hours every week. So how much of a workout can you get in just 20 quick minutes?

Exercises to Relieve Sciatica and Low Back Pain

Lower back Pain

When you suffer with back pain, as 8 out of 10 Americans do, it may be a sign that you've neglected this for too long. Because your central nervous system "remembers" any pain that lasts more than a few minutes at the neuronal level, to become pain-free, you must do this.

This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

Studies show this has remarkable "side effects" beyond what most people expect, like better sex and sleep. And better daytime focus and avoiding brain damage and aging... plus much more. Yet it's ignored by 67% of Americans. Makes this small act a "no-brainer" for your day...

How to Lose Belly Fat

Are These the Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat?

It can seem like it's impossible to lose once it's there. So how do you fight it? Discover the latest proof for how to get a flat stomach and ripped abs. And sidestep these mistakes that can keep you treading water.

Push-Ups: The Simple Exercise That Can Banish Your Bulging Belly

Push-Up: The Simple Exercise That Can Banish Your Bulging Belly

By consistently using this simple exercise which can be done almost anywhere - you can harden your abdominal muscles and strengthen your chest, shoulders and triceps at the same time. Five seconds per repetition is all it takes - check out this video to find out what it is and exactly how to do it, step-by-step...