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Acupuncture can be helpful for heel pain

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  • Plantar fasciitis is a common condition for which definitive treatment guidelines vary depending on what triggered the condition. Acupuncture offers pain relief and in some studies has shown to provide long-term relief
  • Those who spend long hours on their feet, engage in long-distance running, ballistic jumping or aerobic dancing and who are overweight have a higher risk of developing plantar fasciitis, experiencing stabbing pain in the heel, midfoot or near the toes, especially when taking their first steps after sleeping or sitting
  • Spontaneous resolution occurs in 80% of people in the first year, but if unresolved, the condition may become chronic and lead to progressive pain, limping and secondary injuries to your knee, hip or back
  • Begin treatment at home using an anti-inflammatory diet, including foods high in healthy fats, low in sugars and non-vegetable carbohydrates, balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fats and liberal use of anti-inflammatory herbs and spices such as cloves, rosemary and turmeric
  • Consider incorporating adequate rest for your feet, icing, taping, stretching and/or a night splint to keep your fascia elongated as it heals

Feet are a common source of pain. According to the American Podiatric Association, 81% of obese Americans experience some type of foot pain, and those who are obese may experience multiple foot and ankle conditions. In one study, 1% of U.S. adults experienced plantar fasciitis in the past 30 days, and as many as 41% used prescription pain medications.

Data from the 2013 National Health and Wellness survey used self-administered questionnaires completed by 75,000 participants. The participants were asked about pain in the last year and in the last month. They were asked to select the types of diagnosis they received from a list that included plantar fasciitis. The researchers discovered:

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