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Simple stretches for lower back pain

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stretches for lower back pain

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  • Simple stretches improve mobility and flexibility and reduce the potential for suffering from low back pain. These yoga poses may also help reduce back pain related to tight muscles and improper posture
  • Back pain can show up as a constellation of symptoms affecting people of all ages and races as well as both genders. Estimations are that 70% of all people across the world population will have back pain at some point in their lives; low back pain is the leading cause of disability and researchers have identified several factors that increase your risk, including high spinal loads, lifting, bending and twisting
  • Stretches help to mobilize your back muscles while core stabilization helps support your spine. They may also reduce your pain. Do not include standing toe touches in your stretching routine as they may increase stress on your spinal discs and aggravate any pain or discomfort
  • Your overall posture can be improved while sitting and standing. This will help relieve stress on your lower back, improve your core muscle strength and reduce your risk for injury. Getting quality sleep and lowering stress levels may reduce your pain and help you steer clear of opioid prescription painkillers, which carry significant health risks, including addiction and death

Back pain is not a disease, but rather may show up as myriad symptoms with no known cause. It affects people of all ages and races as well as both genders. The World Health Organization states it's difficult to estimate the incidence, as your first episode likely happens by early adulthood and the symptoms of low back pain often recur over time.

The lifetime prevalence for anyone experiencing back pain at some point in their lives is estimated to be 60% to 70% in industrialized countries. It is the leading cause of mobility limitation and work absence, and it imposes a high economic burden for Americans, estimated at $100 billion in health care costs, lost wages and lost productivity every year.

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