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Lack of Exercise During Pregnancy Could Predispose Child to Obesity

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

exercise during pregnancy

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  • Past research supported exercise during pregnancy to reduce risks during delivery and after birth for obese women; more recent data show babies born to mice that exercised during pregnancy also had greater brown fat activity, making them less prone to obesity
  • You have white fat, where energy is stored and hormones secreted, and brown fat, which burns calories. Subcutaneous fat is deposited directly under your skin while visceral fat wraps around your internal organs
  • Decades of research have found exercise during pregnancy is safe for the mother and baby, helps ease the pain during labor and delivery, and improves a new mother’s ability to meet the demands of a growing infant
  • You may be able to increase your brown fat activity and stores as an adult by exposing yourself to cold temperatures, using moderate to high intensity exercise and getting eight hours of quality sleep
  • Following my optimized nutrition plan gives you a strong foundation while pregnant. A nutritious diet helps feed your growing baby, reduces your potential for gaining too much weight and establishes healthy habits for you and your growing family after your baby is born

During pregnancy, a woman is responsible for both her own health and the health of her unborn child. Multiple studies have demonstrated the health of your growing baby is dependent not only on genetics, but also on the environment in which it's developing. Sometimes small changes during pregnancy may have a profound effect on life after birth.

For instance, in one study tracing genes in over 21,500 people, researchers found those genes not transmitted to the children also had a major effect on education and health. Another study evaluated how a mother’s psychological state affected the developing baby and found babies who developed best experienced a consistent environment before and after birth.

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