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Fifteen Minutes of Stretching Helps Improve Flexibility

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  • In just 15 minutes a day you may improve your flexibility and enjoy greater balance, an improved ability to perform daily living tasks and less pain in your shoulders and lower back
  • The technique you use matters, as doing static stretches as shown in the video just before a workout may reduce your muscle strength; instead these stretches may be used at a time outside of your fitness routine or while at work to “work out the kinks”
  • It’s helpful to finish your workout with a foam roller as it also helps improve flexibility, mimics myofascial release treatments and improves blood flow to the area worked; research shows it reduces arterial stiffness, improves balance and increases flexibility

Flexibility is likely the most overlooked part of a workout routine. Most people gravitate first to cardiovascular or aerobic work and then strengthening, adding stretching to cool down or warm up without recognizing how it also helps stabilize their muscles and core to increase strength, balance and coordination. This 15-minute video demonstration shows you how simple stretches yield big rewards.

In fact, flexibility is one of the foundational pillars to your exercise routine. Whether you're a professional athlete or someone just seeking to improve your fitness level, stretching and mobility work is an important component.

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