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Sweat Sensor Will Soon Be Able to Tell if You're Dehydrated

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  • Jason Heikenfeld from the University of Cincinnati now holds a patent on technology to measure multiple levels of chemicals in your sweat, using a small flexible, wearable patch, which may be used to detect dehydration or to noninvasively diagnose diabetes, mental health conditions or cystic fibrosis
  • Although the sensor immediately measures glucose in sweat, excretion of glucose lags by 30 to 60 minutes behind blood glucose measurements, which means the sensor is not of value to diabetics to monitor their blood glucose, but may be a noninvasive means of early detection of diabetes
  • The wearable device is able to monitor cortisol levels in sweat, an indicator physicians may use as early detection in those they suspect suffer mental health conditions, including schizophrenia
  • Sweat-based devices also assist in monitoring your hydration levels, vital to your optimal health, cognitive and athletic performance. As Dr. Zach Bush discusses, hydration of your cells is vital and achieved by paying attention to strategies affecting electrical charges across membranes, such as dietary fiber, electrolytes and reducing EMF toxicity

Although sometimes used interchangeably, personalized health care and personalized medicine are different. Personalized medicine refers to the use of genetics in order to develop treatment specific to a condition, such as defining tumor markers to guide cancer therapy.

Personalized health care is a broader term that includes personalized medicine but also other biological information to help predict risk or how you may respond to treatment. Both are now receiving a great deal of attention as scientists struggle to develop treatment plans with a greater rate of success.

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