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Eating Right and Exercise Can Turn Back the Clock on Your Brain’s Age

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proper nutirtion and exercise

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  • A recent study is the first to separately evaluate diet and exercise, and the effect they have on cognitive ability, finding those who improved their diet and continuously walked or cycled for 30 minutes three times a week reversed signs of brain aging
  • Past research has found a link between leg strength and brain health, finding the ability to perform load-bearing exercises was not only important to muscle mass and atrophy, but also to your body's chemistry
  • Sitting less than three hours each day and eating a cyclical ketogenic diet have also been linked to better brain health and cognitive functioning
  • Consider additional strategies to improve your brain health, such as getting eight hours of quality sleep each night, lowering your body inflammation, and optimizing your vitamin D level

According to a survey by AARP, 93 percent of Americans believe maintaining brain health is very or extremely important. Contrary to popular belief, forgetfulness and senior moments are not an inevitable part of aging.

Although becoming forgetful is often regarded as normal as you get older, it is possible to maintain your quick wit and intelligence at any age. The good news is your brain is a dynamic organ, constantly adapting and changing, for better or for worse. Many of your daily activities, such as lack of sleep, can seriously interfere with your memory the next day.

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