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The Importance of Standing More, Sitting Less

importance of standing more

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  • Over 300 joints in your body make moving easier and more fluid, but the rising tide of technology has increased the number of hours people spend sitting each day
  • You can’t out-exercise the number of hours you sit at work, in the car and in front of the television, which increases your potential risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer
  • Data indicates moving as little as 10 minutes for every hour of sitting may help reduce negative effects; ideally you should be sitting no more than three hours each day using correct posture to reduce strain on your lower back and neck
  • Take a simple sitting-rising test to find your fitness and balance levels and create a movement-rich environment through strategies such as getting up to drink every hour, moving frequently used items away from your desk, and using an exercise ball chair

By Dr. Mercola

With over 300 joints, your body was made for movement. Although the rising tide of technology has created an amazing number of ways to share information, it has also increased the number of hours you remain seated each day. It's likely by now most understand sitting glued to your desk all day increases your risk of illness and early death.

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