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Exercise Four to Five Times a Week to Prevent Arterial Stiffness

exercise may reverse arterial stiffness

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  • Hypertension and heart disease are not necessarily part of the normal aging process; research demonstrates exercise may delay or even reverse arterial stiffness, a factor in these health conditions
  • Multiple studies demonstrate arterial stiffness is reduced in a number of different populations with exercise, reducing potential risk for heart disease and stroke and reducing your risk of early death
  • Unfortunately, with the increasing number of hours Americans spend in a chair or sedentary activities, nearly 80 percent report they do not get the recommended amount of daily exercise
  • Multiple health benefits, including mitochondrial biogenesis and increased longevity, are associated with consistent exercise; the Nitric Oxide Dump is a four-minute option to help improve your health and fitness

By Dr. Mercola

Many associate the normal aging process with hypertension, chronic disease and heart disease. However, while these conditions are common in an aging population, many studies have demonstrated they are not inevitable outcomes of aging. Heart disease affects approximately 1 in 13 Americans over the age of 18. It continues to be the leading cause of death in the U.S., as 1 in 4 deaths is associated with heart disease.

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