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how much movement body needs

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  • Research shows that the more time you spend sitting, the shorter and less healthy your life will tend to be, even if you exercise regularly, thanks to the negative impacts on your cardiovascular and metabolic function
  • When you sit, lack of muscle contraction decreases blood flow through your body, reducing the efficiency of biological processes
  • For every hour you sit, your life expectancy decreases by two hours. Research has also found that sitting for more than three hours a day causes 3.8 percent of all-cause deaths
  • Twenty to 25 minutes of walking per day may add anywhere from three to seven years to your life span. As little as two hours of walking per week may also reduce mortality risk in older adults. Brisk walking has even been shown to improve life expectancy in smokers and overweight individuals
  • For optimal health, aim to sit less than three hours a day, walk 10,000 to 15,000 steps per day, incorporate the Nitric Oxide Dump exercise into your daily routine. Then, when ready, add a comprehensive workout plan

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