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Why Carb Loading Is a Bad Idea

Carb Loading Is a Bad Idea

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  • Carb loading may temporarily increase exercise performance, but these benefits may be cancelled out by water weight gain and bothersome digestive symptoms
  • If you’ve been following a low-carb, high-fat, Paleo-style diet, your body is likely fat adapted and will require very few carbohydrates for fuel, even during exercise
  • Many professional athletes are rethinking carb loading, as low-carb, high-fat diets provide more long-lasting fuel and have an overall better impact on metabolism

By Dr. Mercola

Carb-loading is a strategy commonly used by endurance athletes, such as marathon runners, in the days leading up to a long run or race. The idea behind carb-loading is to saturate yourself with carbs so your muscles will have plenty of glycogen to use as fuel while you exercise. For instance, Runner's World states:

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