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Slouching Makes You Sad

Posture Affects Your Mood

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  • Compared to people who slouch while seated, those sitting in an upright posture enjoy better mood, higher self-esteem, and greater arousal
  • When participants slouched they used more negative emotion words, sadness words, and fewer positive emotion words during speech
  • Sitting upright with your head in line with your shoulders may be a simple way to boost your mood and resilience
  • Excess time spent sitting is detrimental to your health; strive to stand and walk as much as possible, and sit for three hours or less a day
  • If you work in an office, you can create a makeshift “standing desk” by setting your computer on a counter or on top of another piece of office equipment, such as a printer or overturned wastebasket on your desk

By Dr. Mercola

Take a moment to think about your posture right now. Are you slouching in your chair with your shoulders rounded and your head leaning forward? This is one of the most common poor postures that people assume while sitting, and aside from giving you tight neck and shoulder muscles and tension headaches, this posture may bring down your mood.

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