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3 Simple Steps to Perk Up Your Posture

Good Yoga Posture

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  • Poor posture is more the norm than the exception in the US and is a leading cause of back pain
  • Yoga postures such as Warrior 1 and triangle can help stretch out your shoulders, open up your hip flexors, and lift your chest for better posture
  • Sitting for extended periods of time is an independent risk factor for poor posture, so it’s imperative that you engage in intermittent movement throughout your day
  • Make it a point to stand up from your sitting position once every 15 minutes (or about 35 individual times a day); you can also add in a few jump squats or lunges

By Dr. Mercola

It's easy to forget about your posture when you're engrossed in work at your computer or sitting behind the wheel in your vehicle. Yet, slowly but surely, if you don't take steps to strengthen and lengthen your spine, your shoulders will begin to hunch forward into a more rounded position, and you'll find it difficult to stand as tall as you once did.

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