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Running: Any Amount Is Good, and More May Not Be Better

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  • Runners have a significantly reduced risk of death from all causes and from cardiovascular events compared to non-runners
  • The benefit – a 30 percent reduction in risk of premature death and a 45 percent reduction in the risk of cardiovascular death – was the same regardless of the duration, speed, or frequency of running
  • Those who ran as little as five minutes a day got the same benefit as those who ran for much longer, and all runners in the study enjoyed reductions in risk of death that equated to a three-year increase in life expectancy
  • Previous research has also found that performing high-intensity exercises for just minutes per week can significantly improve important health indices, including insulin sensitivity, aerobic power, fat burning, and more
  • Most Americans would be well served to exercise more, but there's no need to work out for more than 45 minutes at a time, and if you exercise effectively, your workouts can be even shorter

By Dr. Mercola

Increasingly, fitness experts are moving away from the outdated recommendations that suggest you need 30 to 60 minutes of moderate daily activity.

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