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Researchers Find Healthy Brown Fat Regulates Your Blood Sugar

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  • People with higher levels of brown fat have a faster metabolism, better blood sugar control, and higher insulin sensitivity after being exposed to cold temperatures
  • Brown fat generates heat by helping you burn calories, and because of this it’s being explored as a tool for weight loss, healthy metabolism, and much more
  • The more brown fat, or the more activated brown fat, you have the better, as there are direct correlations between the activation of brown fat and metabolic measures of good health
  • Scientists have repeatedly found that they can activate brown fat in adults by exposing them to cold temperatures; exercise may also help to increase your brown fat
  • Consuming melatonin stimulates the appearance of "beige" fat, another type of heat-generating fat that is similar to brown fat

By Dr. Mercola

Your body fat percentage is a useful gauge to dictate metabolic health or dysfunction, with lower levels (to a point) generally associated with better health outcomes. This is referring to white fat (the kind that accumulates where you least want it).

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