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Exposure To Light Could Promote Lower BMI

Light Exposure

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  • People who had exposure to light in the morning were most likely to have a lower body fat percentage regardless of how many calories they consumed, how much activity levels they had, or how long they slept
  • The benefit was most pronounced in early morning hours. BMI rose by 1.28 points for every hour that light exposure was delayed
  • Past research has shown exposure to light may help reduce body weight, body fat, and appetite, while supporting optimal hormone levels, among obese and overweight individuals
  • Exposing yourself to intense light (aka daylight) for at least half an hour or more each day, and avoiding exposure to light at night (especially in the blue wavelength) is important for optimal health and weight control

By Dr. Mercola

Your ancestors and other life forms developed organs that took advantage of the Earth's environmental cues. We developed a biological clock governed by Earth's cycles of light and darkness.

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