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10 Popular Foods That Drain Energy and Add Extra Pounds

Energy-Draining Foods

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  • Eating too many processed foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates is a key reason why many people are lacking in energy and gaining weight
  • Among the 10 energy-draining foods to avoid are bagels, muffins, cereal, soda, fruit smoothies and fruit juice, sweetened yogurt, potato chips, and sandwiches
  • Lack of energy and weight gain are often related to certain lifestyle choices, such as not enough healthy food, too much processed foods and sugar, and not enough exercise and sleep, plus an overload of stress
  • To lose weight and increase energy levels, most people need to reduce their intake of carbohydrates from grains and sugars while increasing their intake of healthful fats

By Dr. Mercola

For an activity that most people do multiple times each and every day, eating is embroiled in confusion and controversy. Or rather, not the act of eating, but the choice of what to eat. With each meal and snack, you have an opportunity to give your body adequate and even extra nutrition. But many fall short of this goal.

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