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Common Fitness Habits That Can Prevent You from Reaping Maximum Results

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  • Five common fitness habits that can hamper your progress include avoiding exercise due to sore muscles; ignoring severe pain; staying within your comfort zone; exercising without a plan; and avoiding strength training
  • While you can get away with skipping the warm-up when you’re doing a low to moderate impact workout, not warming up can easily lead to injury when you’re doing high-intensity sprinting
  • Research suggests stretching is best avoided prior to strength training. But in other instances, such as when you’re doing high intensity sprinting exercises, prior stretching is imperative, and should NOT be skipped
  • Compelling and ever-mounting research shows that the ideal form of exercise is short bursts of high intensity exercise. This can dramatically cut down the time you spend exercising while reaping greater results
  • For optimal health, you’d also be wise to incorporate aerobic, strength training, core exercises and stretching, for a well-rounded fitness program

By Dr. Mercola

When it comes to creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, your habits can literally make or break you. Setting good habits from the start can save you a lot of frustration and wasted time down the road.

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