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Elderly Exercisers Have Fewer Broken Bones After Falls

Elderly Exercisers

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  • Older adults who took part in an exercise program were 37 percent less likely to be injured during a fall compared to non-exercisers
  • Elderly exercisers had a 61 percent lower risk of having a fall-induced broken bone and 43 percent lower risk of sustaining a fall-related injury serious enough to require admission to a hospital
  • As you get older, your muscle and bone mass decrease and the senses that guide your balance -- vision, touch, proprioception -- may all start to deteriorate, and this can make you unsteady on your feet
  • By taking the time to do balance, strength training and other exercises on a regular basis, you can keep your sense of balance strong, help restore what's already been lost and even lower your risk of getting injured if you do fall

By Dr. Mercola

Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries among older adults, and it’s estimated that one out of three adults aged 65 or older will fall each year.

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