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How to Banish Afternoon Fatigue

Afternoon Fatigue

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  • Afternoon fatigue is a common complaint. One of the most common causes is post-lunch hypoglycemia, which is related to your inability to effectively burn fat
  • By switching your body over from primarily burning carbs to primarily burning fats for fuel or becoming “fat adapted,” you virtually eliminate such drops in energy levels
  • Besides replacing carbs with healthful fats, intermittent fasting is one of the most effective ways to encourage your body to change from burning carbs to burning fat, thereby boosting your mental and physical stamina
  • Working out in the middle of the day can give you an energy boost lasting three to four hours. If you prefer exercising in the evenings, it's best to avoid working out two to three hours before bedtime to avoid sleep disruption
  • If you’re not sleeping well, it will be next to impossible to avoid lagging energy levels. According to recent research, maintaining a regular exercise program can help improve your sleep over time

By Dr. Mercola

Many people experience a slump in energy levels by the time the afternoon rolls around. A number of factors may contribute to this phenomenon. The most common cause is post-lunch hypoglycemia, which is related to your inability to burn fat.

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