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Just 12 Minutes a Week of High-Intensity Training Improves Fitness in Inactive Men

12-minute HIIT

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  • Inactive men who engaged in 4-minute sessions of high-intensity exercise three times a week showed significant improvements in fitness levels and blood pressure levels
  • A growing body of evidence shows that short bursts of high-intensity activity followed by periods of rest provide greater gains to your health than slow-and-steady longer workouts
  • The high-intensity exercise routine I recommend, Peak Fitness, involves going all out for 30 seconds and then recovering at a slower intensity for 90 seconds between sprints. The total workout is typically 8 repetitions for a total of four minutes of actual exercise.
  • You only need to perform high-intensity exercise for anywhere from four to 20 minutes, two or three times a week, for maximum benefits

By Dr. Mercola

Do you have an extra 12 minutes a week to spare? Then listen up: spending those 12 minutes engaging in high-intensity interval type training (HIIT) could significantly improve your health. That's right – just 12 minutes a week, or four minutes a day for three days.

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