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Changing Our Tune on Exercise


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  • New research suggests that while many people started an exercise program to lose weight and improve their appearance, they continued to exercise because of the benefits to their well-being
  • Rather than viewing exercise as a medical tool to lose weight, prevent disease, and live longer – all benefits that occur in the future – try viewing exercise as a daily tool to immediately enhance your frame of mind, reduce stress and feel happier
  • Exercise boosts levels of soothing brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which may help buffer some of the effects of stress and also relieve some symptoms of depression
  • Once you experience the benefits of exercise for your emotional well-being, you’ll likely have a high level of self-determination or autonomy when it comes to deciding to exercise; rather than viewing it as a chore that you have to do, you’ll view it as a choice that you value doing – and probably also start to think of it as essential to keeping your emotional sanity

By Dr. Mercola

You've heard it all before... exercise can help you lose weight, help prevent diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and help you live to a healthy old age -- all spectacular benefits that are well worth a bit of sweat and exertion.

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