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Intermittent Fasting Finally Becoming Mainstream Health Recommendation

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  • Two new health books reveal how intermittent fasting can help you normalize your weight, prevent many chronic diseases, and increase longevity
  • The ‘8-hour diet’ is a type of scheduled eating plan where you simply restrict your normal daily eating to an eight hour window of time, without cutting calories. Research has shown that this simple lifestyle tweak can significantly modify body composition, including reduce fat mass
  • High intensity interval training has been shown to be highly synergistic with intermittent fasting, and both techniques provide many of the same health benefits
  • Research has shown that intermittent fasting quickly improves insulin’s ability to manage blood sugar, and that fluctuations in food consumption appear to be REQUIRED for optimal metabolic function

By Dr. Mercola

It is nice to see the intermittent fasting approach that I have recommended for some time now is starting to catch on. This is no surprise to me as it is one of the most powerful interventions I know of to move your body into fat burning mode and have your hunger nearly magically disappear. It is a powerful tool to help you keep a healthy weight.

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