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Double Standard: Women Must Typically Work Harder to Lose Weight

Interval Training

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  • There are several biological reasons that make weight loss for women more difficult than for men, the primary one being that men have more muscle mass, which burns more fat, even when at rest
  • Women, largely as a result of their reproductive role, also have more subcutaneous fat, which may be harder to lose than visceral fat (which men tend to have more of)
  • Women are more inclined toward emotional eating, and may have a harder time resisting food cravings than men
  • There are strategies available that can help virtually anyone lose weight, regardless of gender, including restricting sugar and fructose intake, engaging in high-intensity interval exercises, tending to your emotional health and intermittent fasting

By Dr. Mercola

The gender gap is a phrase usually used to describe disparities in income between men and women, but it may very well apply to weight loss as well.

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