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How Whey Protein Can Help Build Toned Muscles

Toned Muscles

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  • Resistance exercise promotes muscle building, but just how much muscle mass you gain is highly variable, and depends on factors including your nutritional choices
  • A new review found that consumption of ~20–25 g of a rapidly absorbed protein, such as whey protein, may serve to maximally stimulate muscle building after resistance exercise in young healthy individuals; high-quality leucine-rich proteins, such as whey, may be particularly important for the elderly to maximize muscle protein synthesis as well
  • It is generally believed that there is only a two-hour window after exercise that allows your body to optimize muscle repair and growth, and supplying your muscles with the right food, such as whey, during this time is essential; however, researchers suggested that consuming whey not only immediately following your workout but also for up to 48 hours after resistance exercise may still offer some muscle-building benefit
  • Strength training offers limitless benefits above and beyond muscle building, including weight loss, improved posture and improvements to back pain, making it an essential part of any comprehensive fitness plan

By Dr. Mercola

Strength training with resistance weights is a good way to maintain fitness and build muscle.

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