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Believing These Persistent Fitness Myths Can Sabotage Your Success

Believing These Persistent Fitness Myths Can Sabotage Your Success

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  • Persistent fitness myths, such as the belief in spending long hours on the treadmill every day, may be sabotaging your success; consider exercising smarter—not harder
  • Supplements should never be used as a replacement for a nutritious diet; learn which supplements may actually be of benefit toward your fitness goals
  • Commercial sports drinks are unnecessary for the vast majority of people; the best rehydrating agents are plain water and coconut water, which is naturally rich in electrolytes
  • A warm-up is an important first step in any exercise routine—but improper stretching during your warm-up may do your body more harm than good
  • Exercise is beneficial at ALL stages of life; even if you’ve never been active before, you can safely begin a comprehensive fitness program at any age

By Dr. Mercola

There is no shortage of misinformation when it comes to diet and exercise. The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar business based on selling you one piece of equipment or another, one supplement or another, constantly bombarding you with images of "the perfect body" if you will only do this or that.

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