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New Discovery May Safeguard Your Brain from Dementia


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  • New research suggests fasting triggers a variety of health-promoting hormonal and metabolic changes that may help prevent age-related brain shrinkage and other chronic and debilitating diseases
  • Fasting—quantified as consuming somewhere between 500 and 800 calories in a day—has been shown to reduce growth factor—a hormone linked with cancer and diabetes—LDL cholesterol, and inflammation levels, among other things. The protective processes triggered in your brain when suddenly decreasing your food intake are similar to the beneficial effects of exercise
  • Calorie restriction appears to protect your brain cells and make them more resilient against stress. This protective effect is in part due to fasting’s effect on leptin and ghrelin; two hormones involved in appetite regulation
  • While it’s long been known that restricting calories in certain animals can increase their lifespan by as much as 50 percent, more recent research suggests that sudden and intermittent calorie restriction appears to provide the same health benefits as constant calorie restriction, which may be helpful for those who cannot successfully reduce their everyday calorie intake
  • In the US, six of the top 10 sources of calories are carbohydrates from sugars and grains, and this is a major reason why so many Americans are overweight. They’re simply eating far too many sugars. It’s very important to restrict carbs when doing a calorie restrictive diet and replace them with healthy high quality fats

By Dr. Mercola

Could fasting for two days a week prevent age-related brain shrinkage, heart disease, diabetes, and possibly even cancer? New research suggests that fasting triggers a variety of health-promoting hormonal and metabolic changes. Fasting - quantified as consuming somewhere between 500 and 800 calories in a day - has been shown to reduce:

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