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If Running Marathons Is So Healthy Why Do People Die Running Them?

If Running Marathons Is So Healthy Why Do People Die Running Them?

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  • Every year a handful of runners die while competing in a marathon; most recently, a healthy 30-year-old running the London Marathon to raise money for an organization that helps prevent suicides collapsed about a mile short of the finish line and died
  • Heatstroke can be a factor in marathon deaths, as can hyponatremia -- low sodium levels in the blood often caused by drinking too much water during exercise -- but in the vast majority of cases, people die during marathons because of a heart attack
  • Marathon running puts an extraordinary stress on your heart; research shows the extended vigorous exercise performed during a marathon raises cardiac risk by seven-fold
  • The most recent research shows that relatively short bursts of intense exercise such as Peak Fitness—even if done only a total of a few minutes each week—can deliver many of the health and fitness benefits you get from doing hours of conventional cardio exercise, without the potential damage to your heart

By Dr. Mercola

Completing a marathon is thought of by many as the epitome of health. But every year there are reports of people dropping dead before they cross the finish line.

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