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Super-Slow Weight Training: The Muscle-Building Workout Hardly Anyone Uses

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  • You can “turbo-charge” your weight training by going slower. By slowing down your movement, you’re actually turning it into a high intensity exercise. The super-slow movement allows your muscle, at the microscopic level, to access the maximum number of cross-bridges between the protein filaments that produce movement in the muscle
  • To reap maximum results from your exercise program it is wise to work out at maximum intensity for about 30 seconds, followed by a 90-second recovery period. You want to get your heart rate up to your calculated maximum heart rate. The most common formula for this is to subtract your age from 220. Instructions and guidelines are provided for eight super-slow weight training exercises
  • The way to use cardio equipment properly is by doing high intensity workouts—not slow endurance. Most of the new science confirms that high intensity interval training provides far greater benefits than low intensity workouts, and it does so in a fraction of the time

By Dr. Mercola

Surely you realize just how important exercise is to get optimally healthy. I started exercising regularly about 45 years ago, and in my own journey, I've made many mistakes along the way.

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