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Peak Fitness Boosts Your Human Growth Hormone by 771% in Just 20 Minutes

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  • Most people are making major mistakes in their exercise programs as aerobic or cardio workouts miss out on important hormonal and health regulation benefits achieved by performing high-intensity, burst-type exercises such as Peak Fitness.
  • Peak Fitness exercises are far more effective as they promote human growth hormone (HGH), a synergistic, foundational biochemical underpinning that addresses the serious muscle loss and atrophy that typically occurs with aging.
  • Your production of vital human growth hormone increases by up to 771 percent during a Peak Fitness workout because you are stimulating your fast muscle fibers, which are rarely used during most exercise programs.
  • Because these exercises are so intense, you only need to do them three times a week, and the entire workout takes just 20 minutes. Doing them more often can actually be harmful, as your body will not have enough time for recovery.

By Dr. Mercola

Phil Campbell is a true veteran in the field of fitness with over 35 years experience in training professional athletes.

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