Get Fit and Healthy while at Home Get Fit and Healthy while at Home


Kathy Smith Laws to Living Lean

Kathy Smith Laws to Living Lean

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  • Fitness expert Kathy Smith shares her 14 “Laws” that can help you stick to a healthy lifestyle, including how to tame your sugar habit
  • When striving to live healthy, think progress, not perfection. Always remember that all the little shifts you make will add up to large changes overall. This process does not happen overnight; your success will be cumulative
  • Eating breakfast and viewing exercise as non-negotiable are two key strategies that can help you start each day right and improve your health long-term
  • A trick to help you avoid feeling deprived is to follow the 10 percent rule: Once you reach your goal weight, if you can find healthier substitutes for your cravings 90 percent of the time, feel free to indulge in your favorite foods the other 10 percent of the time
  • Your environment should also support your healthy lifestyle. Organizational and stocking tips included to create positive energy in your kitchen, just as you create a certain energy in your home with your choice and placement of furniture
  • Your body and your fitness level are created by old habits and old patterns. Creating a journal can help you identify problematic habits you need to break.

By Kathy Smith

I want to share with you my fitness secrets to get you in the best shape of your life, my Laws to Living Lean.

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